Your chances of being a victim of crime are the lowest in Forsyth County, according to FBI data.

Forsyth County residents are statistically safer from crimes than any other metro Atlanta county, data released by the FBI and shared by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office show.

According to the 2014 Crime Index, Forsyth County residents have a mere 0.79 percent chance of becoming a victim of a serious crime. The next lowest crime index is Hall County, where residents have a 1.17 chance of being victimized.

The data reports Forsyth County law enforcement responded to no murders, 16 rapes, nine robberies, 77 aggravated asaults, 324 burglaries, 1,381 larcenies, 62 motor vehicle thefts, seven arsons, for a grand total of 1,876 crimes in 2014. Forsyth County has a population of 201,018 people, the data shows.

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