WORLD’S longest zipline canopy tour by Guinness Book of World Records near Atlanta

Verified by Guinness World Records, Historic Banning Mills has the longest and largest canopy tour in the world! We have some of the best and ultimate high speed, extreme zip lines you could ever experience. You do not want to take your friends and family anywhere else! We will give you an unforgettable experience as you zip, soar, and explore over ten miles of zip line in the trees.

With six levels of zip line tours to choose from, you will have an amazing experience no matter which tour you select. Our zip line course has over 50,000 lineal feet (10 miles) of zip lines that run throughout the canopy in the trees at the Historic Banning Mills Adventure Park! Not only are we pioneers in high speed and extreme ziplines, we are the most experience zip line course in the world!

Enjoy all of our zip line tours, as well as our newest zipline, The Amazing Flight of the Falcon! A super eco zip line, The Amazing Flight of the Falcon at Banning Mills is 3,400 feet long, one of the longest and most exciting zip lines in the world! (Guests must weigh at least 110 pounds due to winds and length to experience The Amazing Flight of the Falcon). Click to view the video here!

Open all year long, Historic Banning Mills gives you the ability to experience extreme adventure and fun whenever you want! Remember, you must call to make your reservations!

Historic Banning Mills is home to the world’s tallest free standing climbing wall!

GUINNESS CERT_climbing_wall.jpgCertified by Guinness

World Records, our climbing wall is 140 feet tall and is part of our Adventure Tower.  At 14 stories high, our climbing wall includes nine climbing lanes, two rappel walls (up to 95 ft. high), and four overhangs (including a traversing overhang and chimney). Whether you are a beginner or an expert, our unique and dynamic routes are enjoyed by all. And, as you climb your way to the top, you can enjoy the breathtaking views of Snake Creek Gorge! Due to the height of our climbing wall, all climbs are staff-assisted. Participants must be at least 8 years old, and weigh a minimum of 60lbs (maximum of 285lbs).

1 Hour Climb         $30.00 per person*

Our GPS Adventure Challenge combines adventure, technology and team building into a unique and exciting group experience. Based on the recreational sport called “geo caching”, teams will learn how to use GPS devices to get from point A to point B, etc”. At each point, the team must complete scenarios as to earn the right to get to the next point.Teams will be given hand held GPS devices and have to plan their strategy for locating each point. So right off the bat, your group will have to solve problems, communicate and work together.

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