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The World of Coca-Cola is a museum showcasing the history of The Coca-Cola Company that contains a host of entertainment areas and attractions, and is located in Atlanta, Georgia at Pemberton Place.

121 Baker St NW, Atlanta, GA 30313

oin Coca-Cola in a celebration of life’s Moments of Happiness. This six-minute film celebrates some of life’s most memorable moments experienced by people of different ages and cultures around the world.

Journey through milestone life experiences such as skydiving for the first time and surprising a loved one on a special occasion, and celebrate shared moments of happiness both large and small. The entire Moments of Happiness film can only be seen at the World of Coca-Cola in Atlanta, but you can get a glimpse of the film by watching the film trailer in the video gallery.


isit the vault where the legendary secret formula for Coca‑Cola is secured. Regarded as the most closely guarded and best-kept secret, the secret formula for Coca‑Cola represents over 125 years of history, special moments, memories and the timeless appeal associated with Coca‑Cola. Now our guests can get closer to the famous secret formula than ever before!

Travel through the exhibit on an immersive multimedia journey toward the Chamber of the Secret Formula. Along the way, learn about the origins of the secret formula, how competitors tried to copy the success of Coca‑Cola, how the owners of Coca‑Cola kept the formula secret throughout the years and how the secrecy spawned a trove of myths and legends.

Have fun with the various interactive experiences throughout the exhibit like the Virtual Taste Maker, which invites you to create taste and flavor combinations the same way early pharmacists and inventors did. As you turn the five physical dials, you add flavor qualities to your “mix,” and dramatically affect the visuals and sound effects. Test your mix to see how your flavors compare with the perfect flavor combination of Coca‑Cola.

The Bubble-izer is another interactive experience which gives you a chance to become part of the secret.  As you approach this interactive, you will be transformed into an effervescent bubbling form and immersed into the bubble and fizz of Coca‑Cola.  You can capture a photo of your bubbly visualization making a funny face or dancing to share with your friends.

Then you can test how well you protect the secret through an immersive full body interactive experience that leads you through three virtual environments—the Triangle Room, Secure Train Car and Bank Vault—all locations where the secret formula has been kept. You can also participate in group game play as you trigger animations and watch these environments magically change and come to life.  Challenge your friends and family to see how well you protect the secret.


A series of ten galleries brings the rich history of The Coca‑Cola Company to life through exhibits featuring some of its most prized possessions such as a circa 1880s soda fountain, 1939 delivery truck from Argentina and the Coca‑Cola contour bottle.

The very first Coca‑Cola was served at a soda fountain like the one found at the beginning of Milestones of Refreshment. Soda fountains were capable of dispensing many different flavors. Coca‑Cola was only one of 16 flavors this fountain offered. This particular soda fountain is actually older than Coca‑Cola and dates back to the early 1880s, which makes it the second oldest artifact in the World of Coca‑Cola.

As you journey through the galleries you will notice a Chevrolet Delivery Truck. This 1939 Chevrolet delivery truck came from David Lee, a bottler in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Due to its large size, the attraction had to be built around the truck in order to fit it. So technically, the truck was actually the very first artifact installed in the new World of Coca‑Cola.

While in Milestones of Refreshment you will also learn more about the beginning of the Coca‑Cola contour bottle. When Coca‑Cola first started being bottled, there was no such thing as a standard Coca‑Cola bottle. As the brand began enjoying greater and greater commercial success, many companies began trying to copy Coca‑Cola. Leaders of Coca‑Cola sought to create the distinctive packaging the product deserved. In 1916, Coca‑Cola debuted the contour bottle which today is one of the most widely recognized brand icons in the world.

From the first serving of Coca‑Cola and the creation of the Coca‑Cola bottle to sponsorship of global events like the Olympic Games. Walk through Milestones of Refreshment and learn how The Coca‑Cola Company grew to be what it is today. In this gallery, you’ll also see more than 1,000 original artifacts, some dating back to the earliest days of Coca‑Cola’s history.


et a behind-the-scenes look at the Coca-Cola bottling process. Bottle Works showcases some of the same equipment and processes that are found in a full size bottling plant.  Our bottling line runs much slower than those at an average plant to make it easier to see the process.

You will be able to pick up your own complimentary commemorative 8 oz. glass bottle of Coca-Cola as you leave the Taste It! beverage lounge on the second floor. The souvenir bottle is available exclusively for you as a guest of the World of Coca-Cola.


eet and have your photo taken with our most beloved character, the Coca-Cola Polar Bear! Use your own camera to take a picture with our Coca-Cola Polar Bear or have our image specialists capture the moment. Your souvenir photo will be available for pick-up in the Coca-Cola store.

Coca‑Cola and the polar bear have a rich history together. The polar bear first debuted in a Coca‑Cola print advertisement in France in 1922 and then appeared periodically for the next 70 years. The modern polar bear did not make its debut until the 1993 “Always Coca‑Cola” campaign in a television ad called “Northern Lights”. Since then, the polar bear has appeared in numerous television and print advertisements becoming one of the most popular symbols of Coca-Cola advertising.


ake a journey around the world In Search of the Secret Formula in this multi-sensory movie experience. Before your experience, you’ll receive complimentary glasses to watch the movie in 3-D.  Moving seats and other special effects make it a true 4-D experience.  If you prefer, you can always opt to sit in non-moving seats located at the rear of the theater.*

Try 100+ Coca‑Cola Beverages

Treat your taste buds to a trip around the world! At World of Coca‑Cola in Atlanta you can taste more than 100 international and domestic beverages made by The Coca‑Cola Company.

Coca‑Cola Tasting

One area in Taste It! is dedicated to the Coca‑Cola family of brands and includes:

  • Coca‑Cola
  • Diet Coke
  • Coke Zero
  • Coca‑Cola Life
  • Cherry Coke
  • Caffeine-free Diet Coke
  • Vanilla Coke
  • Cherry Coke Zero

The centerpiece of this area is a giant Coca‑Cola bottle. You will also find six Coca‑Cola Freestyle Machines with over 100 different beverage choices in one single dispenser–everything from well-known favorites to those that are exclusive to Coca‑Cola Freestyle.

Beverages From Around the World

Of course Coca‑Cola has always been and will always be the most popular beverage we offer at World of Coca‑Cola, but it’s not all. There are five tasting stations arranged geographically – Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and North America. Each station offers different beverages to sample that are unique to that region.

Try Something New!

At our Sampling Bar, you can taste recently introduced beverages which we are featuring for a limited time.

The Selection Process

All the beverages in Taste It! are carefully selected from numerous offerings around the world. We carefully consider the diversity of our beverage categories and brands, their unique flavor profiles and a broad geographic mix. The selection is routinely evaluated to identify new opportunities that would complement the existing offerings.

In addition to our most popular international brands, we also feature regional domestic favorites such as Barq’s Red Crème soda, Surge and Tab that are not widely available in all areas across the United States.

Popular Beverage Choices

Curious about what kinds of unique beverage choices are available in Taste It? Here’s a little bit about eight of our most popular beverages available at World of Coca‑Cola.

  • Beverly. Introduced in Italy in 1969, Beverly is a non-alcoholic aperitif that is typically consumed before meals. Because of its distinctive taste, it is one of our most popular, must-try drinks.
  • Sparletta Sparberry. This beverage, launched in 1955, tastes like raspberry cream soda and is available exclusively in several countries across central and southern Africa.
  • Bibo Candy Pine-Nut. This African favorite is part of a fruit-flavored line of drinks. Bibo Pine-Nut tastes of pineapple and coconut.
  • Thums Up. Featuring the taste of a strong cola with a spicy bite, Thums Up is the best-selling soft drink brand in India and the first beverage from that country to be available in Taste It! Because of its strong taste, Thums Up is often viewed as a mature, masculine drink with the “Taste of Thunder.”
  • Fanta Pineapple. This sparkling beverage from Greece imparts a sweet and juicy pineapple taste. The pineapple (commonly known to Grecians as “ananás”) is quite a treat for Europeans, often imported from tropical regions.
  • Inca Kola. Created in Peru in 1935, Inca Kola is a golden yellow sparkling beverage with a sweet, fruity taste that many compare to liquid bubblegum. Chefs often incorporate the beverage into signature Peruvian dishes through traditional gourmet cooking.
  • Guaraná Kuat. Introduced in Brazil in 1997, the beverage was named after an Amazonian Indian sun god. Guaraná Kuat (pronounced “Kwatch”) tastes of fruity guaraná berries, similar to ginger ale with a mild berry twist.
  • Fanta Melon Frosty. With the taste of sweet melon, this refreshing sparkling beverage is beloved in Thailand’s sunny, tropical climate.

So what are you waiting for? Come, sip, mix and savor to your heart’s delight!

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