work for optomi llc consultancy

500 Colonial Center Pkwy #140, Roswell, GA 30076


Their co-founders Michael Winwood and Todd Black

were inspired to create an IT Staffing company with a

unique corporate culture


an innovative company that is completely dedicated

to its clients and consultants. With over four decades of industry success combined,

they are PASSIONATE about applying their experience

to produce a high-performance, reputable and

industry-leading technology services company.

Substantial financial backing from a combination of industry veterans

and a highly respected private equity firm has allowed Optomi to

execute on its vision of a strong organic growth strategy through investments

in people and technologies. The Optomi leadership team is a collection of professionals

that have a GENUINE desire to achieve success.

They approach every project with a sense of urgency

and demand the same of the entire team.

Their philosophy is to “do whatever it takes” to drive the SUCCESS

of their consultants, clients and employees.

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