White Supremacists Threaten War Against Black Americans If Donald Trump Loses 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

Over the course of the Obama Presidency, and during this U.S. Presidential election cycle, we have seen the rise of a population of white racist fanatics that includes a league of American white supremacist’s who call themselves the “Alt-Right.”

With the rise of Donald Trump, as a racial demagogue, and champion of their backward cause, this league of ideologically-driven racial hate groups, and their mindless minions, have become more bold, more bitter, and more violent, with each passing week. This former fringe movement, which has now taken center stage in the Republican Party, has also sparked a massive rejuvenation of the Ku Klux Klan, and the formal unification of white supremacist organizations, throwing their support, along with the Fraternal Order of Police, behind Donald Trump’s Presidential candidacy. Their public, and too often violent, support of Donald Trump’s falsehood-ridden campaign suggests that the people in the Alt-Right movement have lost their perspective on reality…if they ever actually had one. This is unfortunate. Also unfortunate is their cult loyalty to Donald Trump.

American White supremacists, also known as white nationalists, are now openly threatening to attack Black Americans if Donald Trump loses this Presidential election. This sentiment is exemplified by a Donald Trump supporter and suspected white supremacist from Greenville, South Carolina named Jim Moseley, who recently posted threats against Black citizens on his Facebook page.

“Liberals will have targets on their backs, as their behaviors are pretty much evident. Race wars will begin as well, as your skin color will be your uniform!”

This threat is apparently an attempt to frighten Black People, especially Black Women, into voting for Trump or into staying home and not voting at all. If Donald Trump loses this election (and indications in the polls suggest that he will), the white supremacists who are threatening to attack Black Americans would be well-advised to think twice about attacking us; for GOD IS WITH US. Attacking us would not be a very wise move because the spirit of Nat Turner has been awakened in this Generation of Black Americans.

Black Americans are the Survivors of American Chattel Slavery. Chattel Slavery was a system of forced labor, and bondage, in which People of African Descent in America were classified as Animal Property by European Americans, and by the Government, in order to facilitate the accumulation of White Wealth from unpaid Black Labor. The white slave owner exercised absolute authority over the poor Chattel Slave’s life, liberty, labor, and offspring. America’s captive laborers were callously subjected to physical–and mental–trauma, and gross sexual abuse, as an everyday norm. It was not always this way in America. Beginning in 1619, Africans were brought to the British Colony of Jamestown, Virginia. The first Africans were Indentured Servants, much like the poor laborers from Europe. But through treachery, greed, violence, and unjust legal manipulation, the Africans in America were reduced to Chattel Slaves by the end of the 17th century.

The Europeans in the American Colonies over-committed their economy, culture, and society, to Chattel Slavery, and invented “whiteness” and racism to facilitate the process. It is now admitted by some Historians that the American Colonies actually declared their independence from Britain in 1776 in order to protect the institution of Chattel Slavery.

By 1808, the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade was virtually shut down; and, the American economy could no longer depend on enslaving captives who were brought to America from Africa on slave ships. So, white plantation owners began to breed Black People like animals, even going as far as to keep pedigrees for animal husbandry purposes. In order to facilitate this abomination with a clear conscience, some whites denied their Black captives the rite, and the right, of Christian Baptism. This was spiritually traumatic to the captives, especially to the females. For, as far as they knew, being denied Christian Baptism meant that the sexual sins that they were compelled to commit were not forgiven by God. Contrary to traditional stereotypes about the sexuality of “slave women” in America, our captive female Ancestors valued their chastity. This is borne out in the Slave Narratives. Southampton, Virginia was one such area where slave-breeding was prevalent. There, a brilliant slave preacher, and family Ancestor of mine, named Nat Turner, was forbidden by the white slave owners, the local government, and their Church, to Baptize the captives.

On August 21, 1831, in Southampton, Virginia, Nat Turner, a plantation preacher, and mystic, who was known to the captive Africans as The Prophet, led the most devastating slave revolt in American History. Turner, inspired by a vision from God, led this revolt in response to the impact of slave-breeding on the captives, especially on the Women and girls. The revolt lasted for three days, in which Nat Turner’s Men killed fifty-five whites–men, women, and children–before the insurrection was put down by the U.S. Military and local armed white vigilantes.

Turner himself was not captured until October 30, 1831. He was tried, and hanged on November 11, 1831. Before his execution, Nat Turner gave his confession to a lawyer named Thomas R. Gray on November 5, 1831. In his confession, Nat Turner intimated that the Holy Spirit taught him about the movements of the heavenly bodies. He also prophesied of a battle between Blacks and Whites at the time of a Total Solar Eclipse. Read The Nat Turner Prophecy below:


“And about this time I had a vision–and I saw white spirits and black spirits engaged in battle, and the sun was darkened–the thunder rolled in the heaven, and blood flowed in the streams–and I heard a voice saying, ‘Such is your luck, such you are called to see, and let it come rough or smooth, you must surely bare it.'”

Dictated to William Gray on November 5, 1831.

The Confessions of Nat Turner. Gray, Thomas R. Lucas & Deaver, Print Baltimore: 1831, p. 10.

Ponder the meaning of Nat Turner’s Prophecy given in the document below titled, The Cosmic & Qur’anic Mystery of The Nat Turner Revolt. You will understand why The Holy Spirit specifically directed Prophet Nat to rise up and revolt on the date of August 21, 1831, and write a prophecy in the oppressor’s blood.

It would behoove Donald Trump’s followers to reconsider attacking Black Americans whether Trump wins or loses this Presidential election. But, if they really are that stupid, then let it come rough or smooth, we must surely bare it.


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