sell your hotel booking

sell your hotel booking using roomer’s and cancelon svc.

if your trip is cancelled and you have non refundable booking at the hotels then you can use roomers and cancelon website to sell your booking. these website can be used to get deals on hotel stay if you are looking for a deal.

What are Roomer’s service fees?

Keep in mind that we only get paid if you do. Listing your reservation on Roomer is free and we only charge our Service Fee if your room sells.
What do YOU get for your 15% service fee? Roomer promotes your room listing on social media, through travel agents and on the metasearch Pretty cool, right? Your 15% service fee covers this awesome exposure.

Remember that the payment method you choose may also come with fees. We aren’t responsible for these fees, we don’t set them. We don’t really like them either.

How does it work?

1. Seller posts a hotel reservation on Cancelon.
2. Buyer selects a reservation Buyer wants to buy.
3. Buyer buys the reservation via Cancelon. Seller will get the payment a day after the check-out day, to prevent Seller from selling the hotel reservation to more than one Buyer.
4. Both Seller and Buyer should follow rules and formalities of the hotel.

Do I need to put my personal information public so I can buy/sell?

In order to complete a transaction with Cancelon, both Seller and Buyer may be required to provide their full name to the other side of the transaction. However, it will not become public.


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