Keshab Swain cracked open 72 green coconuts to set worl record

Keshab Swain cracked open 72 green coconuts by his elbow to claim a place in the Book of World Records.
Keshab Swain said: ‘Such a record has never been made. Earlier, a record was made by a German national of breaking 65 coconuts in August 13 (2005).’
A fight instructor in the Oriya theatre world, Keshabh always wanted to get into the Book of World Records.
‘‘I had trained myself to break at least 70 green coconuts in one minute, but this has even surpassed my expectations,’’ he gushed.

The pieces, numbering 80 in all, were placed on a concrete block in a line. Keshab’s aim was to break them in one stroke, which he almost achieved. At the end of the allotted time, he managed to cover 76 pieces and broke 72 of them.

Thirty-five-year-old Keshab Swain attempted the amazing feat to excel the previous record set by a German national for breaking 65 coconuts in one minute in 2005.

State minister for science and technology Surya Narayan Patra, two senior officials of Orissa Administrative Services, a senior sportsman and a number of people witnessed the live demonstration here.

Swain’s developed an inclination to breaking coconuts while climbing coconut trees to eat the fruit during his stay in Goa.

Poverty compelled him to pluck coconuts from the trees. And to crack them open he started using his elbow. Today, he also claims to have capability to even crack open coconuts using his forehead!

A native of Old Town, Keshab’s next attempt would be to break 120 green coconuts and register it in the record books.

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