Fabric Wills helps you create a personalized will for free.

It’s not only important to think about the financial security of your family, but it’s important to think about who will take care of them, as well. If something happens and you die without having a will and without having designated a guardian for your children who are minors, the decision is placed in the hands of the courts.

If you die without a will, you die ‘intestate’. This means that your property will be divided according to state law, which may not necessarily be the way that you would have otherwise chosen to have it divided.

and you do not need a lawyer to write your will for you.However, your will does need to follow certain formalities andcontain certain criteria for it to be legally binding, which is why Fabric Wills are free, legal and drafted by lawyers.

If you do need legal advice for your specific situation or if there are complicated legal issues surrounding the way that you’d like to leave your things, you should consult with a licensed attorney.

To legally bind the will it has to be signed by you, the Testator. In addition to your signature, your will must also be signed by two witnesses, who are not otherwise named in the will, who can attest that you were of sound mind at the time of signing.

Create your will and make it legally binding with Fabricwills

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