Book Unschooled Summary

Unschooled Summary

This book is about two best friends, George and Lily. At their school they have an event called Spirit Week, where the 5th grade gets divided into two groups. George and Lily get seperated. Lily becomes a team captain and so does George. Lily is very competitive about winning, and George is the organized planning type of person.
The first day of Spirit Week is Twin Day, where everyone has to be dressed matching to another person. Lily accidentally spills all her lunch on George. Both the teams think Lily did it on purpose. She didn’t though. George’s team loses, because George has to change into another outfit and is no longer a twin with someone.

George doesn’t think Lily did it on purpose though, but two people on Gorge’s team, Brian and Seth think she did it on purpose and want to get revenge. To get revenge, they fill all the lockers on Lily’s team with slime!! Everyone thinks George did it since he is team captain. Lily doesn’t feel sorry that she spilled her lunch on George anymore.

After Twin Day is Color Wars. This is where you throw balloons filled with chocolate and vanilla pudding. One team gets the chocolate pudding to throw and the other gets vanilla pudding. George’s team gets vanilla.Lily’s gets chocolate. They start throwing. It takes some time to realize, but Lily and two other people, Sarah and Grace, had sabotaged the balloons and filled all of the balloons with chocolate pudding. The principal calls it a tie, because it wasn’t fair.

The next day is Historical Figure Day. Everyone has to dress up as a historical figure. Brian, Brian’s big brother who works in the cafe, and Seth are planning to dump egg salad on Lily’s team. When George says he might rat them out, they lock him in the closet with food in it.When the judging begins George finally gets out of the closet and just before the egg salad drops on Lily’s team, George yells “EGG SALAD!!!” The egg salad drops on them ruining their costumes, hair, and everything. Lily is REALLY mad at George.
Lily and George both go to the principal’s office. Spirit Week is cancelled. Lily and George have a fight in the halls and Lily says Spirit Week is still on.

Brian and Seth take Lily’s team’s class pet, Elvis. Grace and Sarah take Soda, George’s team’s class pet. They give them back to each other, but Soda has a red stripe on it and Elvis has “Go Team Blu” on it’s shell.[Team Blue is George’s Team and Team Red is Lily’s team.]

The next day is Pajamas Day. The students don’t go to first period. The principal goes into the gym where all the fifth graders are in their pjs. He gets REALLY, REALLY mad. He says that the whole fifth grade gets detention. On the way out of the gym George and Lily make up.
The next day, Lily and George work together to prove that they have spirit and teamwork. When the principal walks in some of the students show off their talents while trying to show they can work together.

At the end, Lily shows the trophy made of clay that is a statue of the principal and underneath it says, “THE BEST PRINCIPAL EVER”. The principal decides to not cancel Spirit Week after all. That day is Field Day.

Even after all that had happened both the teams still tried to cheat.Lily and George worked together to stop the cheating. At the last event, Tug of War George’s team won.The prize was a trip to the science center for the whole grade not just George’s grade.
Brian, Seth and Brian’s older brother all got in trouble. Lily and George are back to normal.

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