EufyHomeVac S11 Lite Cordless Lightweight Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner  <strike><span style="color:red">$149.99</span></strike>   Now <span style="color:green">$119.99</span>

EufyHomeVac S11 Lite Cordless Lightweight Hand Stick Vacuum Cleaner $149.99 Now $119.99



Eufy HomeVac S11 lite the stylish solution to daily mess moves from room to room without snags or trips as you breeze through the dust in every inch of your home. High-efficiency motor the 215-Watt BLDC motor optimizes airflow and ensures there is no loss of suction as you clean. Seek-out hidden dust led lights in the brush-head illuminate dark areas, so you don’t miss a speck. Suitable for delicate surfaces use the 2-in-1 crevice tool when a softer touch is required. Keep your sofa spotless use the sofa tool to remove dust, pet hair, or crumbs from the surface and gaps of your sofa. The arc-shaped inlet allows you to conveniently move the vacuum across your sofa and into the hard-to-reach areas. holds more dust the extra-large 650 ml dust box detaches and empties in seconds. The increased capacity means fewer trips to the trash bin. Easy to clean and maintain when the dust box is full, simply tap to dispatch then empty the contents with ease. Periodically rinse and dry the filter to maintain peak performance. 5-Stage filter system the advanced filtration system reduces air pollution while maximizing motor performance.

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